Laser treatments / laser removal

Laser treatment is a revolution in dentistry!

​​Lasers are one of the most accurate, gentle and minimally damaging tools in medicine and dentistry. Lasers can be used for treatment and surgical procedures both inside and around the mouth, ensuring less discomfort, faster healing and, in most cases, wounds do not require stitches.


​Is the laser safe?

In the hands of a trained specialist, the laser is extremely safe. Safer than a drill or scalpel. The precision of the laser allows you to operate without damaging adjacent tissues, and at the same time, the intense light beam contributes to faster healing.

Lasers can be used as effective aids in dentistry:
  • in root canal treatment for removal of old root filling and effective flushing/sterilization of root canals
  • in the treatment of gingivitis and peri-implantitis
  • for teeth whitening
  • for removing ceramic dental crowns
  • to remove braces
  • in implantology, oral surgery
  • to remove formations, to treat diseases of the oral mucosa (herpes, aphthae, lichen, etc.)


In short, lasers are:
  • painless
  • safer than conventional scalpel surgery
  • faster healing, no bleeding and no stitches
  • more effective in killing bacteria, sterilizing surgical sites, and wounds heal faster

The Rotermann Dental Clinic uses the Fotona Lightwalker AT, the flagship dental laser equipment that has won awards for innovation and technology, which uses 2 wavelengths Er:Yag and Nd:Yag and allows to work effectively in both soft and hard tissues.